Priefert Ponderosa Fencing

Estate Fence

"Good Fences Make Good Neighbors"

It has been said that "good fences make good neighbors." However, "good fences" are hard to find. It's true that nothing dresses up a home place, farm, or ranch better than an aesthetically pleasing, fully functional fence. It completely changes the landscape and increases property value. Not only will your Priefert Fence be safe, effective, and beautiful right after it’s installed, but it will continue to be attractive and low maintenance for many years to come.

Priefert’s all-metal Estate Fencing is an attractive and durable option for any fencing job. By pairing our rail-in-rail swedge tubing with heavy duty octagonal metal posts, we’ve created a beautiful fence that can withstand almost any challenge.


Wood Fence Post
Priefert Estate Fencing can add a touch of elegance to any property, with the strength and durability of steel. With the quality and convenience of our powder-coated galvanized steel and no-weld installation, this fence is beautiful and easy to install. An attractive fence is a great way to beautify any home or property and increase property values. The perfect combination of pretty and tough, this fence is great for use in residential neighborhoods, as well as for livestock containment on farms and ranches.


Horse Safe Fence
All Priefert products have to pass a rigorous safety standard. Not only do our products have to be safe for the animal, but they must be safe for the operator as well. Animals can run through board and vinyl fences and work their way through loose barbed wire fences, potentially getting injured in the process. Our Estate Fence offers the strength of steel for confinement with no sharp edges or barbs to hurt animals or people.


Durable Quality Fence
Priefert Estate Fencing is not only an attractive solution, it is also a practical solution thanks to its strength and durability. With its all metal construction, Priefert Estate Fencing can handle the pressure of safely containing livestock for many years where other fence solutions tend to deteriorate over time. Barb wire stretches, wood boards rot and are more easily broken, and vinyl breaks down in sunlight over time. Priefert gives you the rail option of either 13 or 16 gauge galvanized steel tubing with an architectural grade of powder coat which ensures strength and long life. Each post is constructed from heavy duty octagonal steel tubing. No other fence can withstand the elements, animal pressure, or the test of time like Priefert Fence.

Dual-Layer Protection

Life Time Powder Coated Fencing
Beginning with galvanized metal, Priefert tubing is passed through a phosphate wash, cleansing the metal of any impurities that may impede the finish. A conversion coating is then applied for added adhesion. Finally, the tubing is powder coated using a high quality architectural grade powder with UV inhibitors to help resist fading. The final step in manufacturing is for the powder to be baked on at high temperature which helps achieve a furniture grade finish. This means your fence will hold its color and be virtually maintenance free for many years.


Attractive Pipe Fence

Priefert Estate Fencing posts are constructed from 12 gauge octagonal galvanized tubing with a beautiful black powder coat finish. This dual layer protection from the elements ensures that these posts are built to last. Custom rail connecters easily attach the rails to each post with no welding required. This innovative design is livestock safe and looks great in any environment.


Maintenance Free Fence Rails
Priefert offers two rail options. Our durable 16 gauge tubing comes in lengths of 14 feet. Our even heavier 13 gauge tubing is available in lengths of 16 feet. Both options are constructed from galvanized material and then powder coated with an architectural grade powder to ensure maximum outdoor life Each end of the rail features Priefert’s unique swedge connection technology, which helps create the illusion of a single rail run from one end of your fence to the other. Regardless of which option you choose, these rails are durable, long-lasting, and low maintenance. Best of all, there is no welding required for installation.


Best Fence Swedge
Priefert’s rail-in-rail “swedge” design allows you to construct a fence with the appearance of a single rail running from end to end without any welding. This design creates a beautiful fence that flows with the contour of your land and around corners. This unique swedge design also allows your fence to expand and contract without buckling in extreme temperatures.